The Comparator is a tool which measures the compatibility degree of service protocols. This tool is implemented in Python. It accepts as input two XML files describing the service protocols using Symbolic Transition Systems (STSs), and a set of parameters: the compatibility notion, the direction of the compatibility check (bidirectional or unidirectional), and the threshold for computing the global compatibility degree. The compatibility measure results in a matrix which returns the compatibility degrees between states in both protocols. The tool also returns the list of mismatches and the global compatibility degree for these protocols.


The Comparator Architecture

The Comparator tool can be experimented online using a Web application. The users can either run examples available in our database or upload their own examples.

Offline Examples

In the following, we give examples of the compatibility measures computed byComparator. For illustration purposes, we consider a bidirectional compatibility notion, namely unspecified-receptions.1 Furthermore, we set the threshold to 0.7 to compute the global compatibility degree from the returned matrix.


Ref1: D. M. Yellin and R. E. Strom. Protocol Specifications and Component Adaptors. ACM Trans. Program. Lang. Syst., 19(2):292–333, 1997.